About Us

Hi Everybody,

My name is Barbara and the LOVE for my Bucky, a Bernese Mountain Dog, is how my adventure began. My Bucky has had so many Ear, Eye and Paw allergies it was costing me thousands of dollars in medication to treat the same reoccurring issues. I started first by baking Bucky and Brandi, (a Shih Tzu), Bucky’s sister, their own HOMEMADE treats. Friends started asking if I could make some for their furry LOVED ones, and it was a hit!  I could not keep up with the volume.

So, out of the unconditional LOVE in my heart for my dogs, BUCKY and BRANDI, and realizing how many people had furry loved ones with the same issues, I created Paws & PupCakes Bakery for the health of our best friends!  All the products on my website are Grain Free/Gluten Free or All Natural Healthy  Treats.

Thank you for visiting our website …

xoxo Barbara, Bucky & Brandi